Special #1 (Vegan)  Available all month

Cashew Curry

Pick up your chopsticks with this vegan plate of of lo mein noodles and fresh veggies! Our delicious curry sauce is a blend of cashews and nutritional yeast seasoned with a hint of lime juice and soy sauce. A touch of agave sweetens things up a bit to bring all those flavors together. Garnished with chopped cilantro and raw cashews.

Special #2 Available Mid-Month

Chicken Broccoli Stir-Fry

Pieces of chicken breast are quick fried with Onions, Red Peppers and Broccoli then simmered with a sweet brown glaze and Served over a mound of Jasmine Rice.

Special #3 Available End of Month


A Korean inspired dish of rice and fresh veggies sectioned a top with your choice of protein served in our large miso bowl. Topped with raw carrots, cremini mushrooms, sesame seasoned cooked veggies of zucchini, kale, bean sprouts, and asparagus. Garnish with dried seaweed flakes,
sesame seeds and a side of Gochujang (seasoned Korean red pepper paste).

Margarita Flavors:

Honey Habanero

Pina Colata


March 2018: