Johnny’s Calypso Salad

A collection of wild greens and feta cheese, roasted sweet peppers and homemade vinaigrette. Syncopation!  

$5.75 / 7.75

Happy Beans

Johnny offers a new bean presentation daily! 


Fried Tofu

Served with a sweet garlic sauce! 


Grain of Today

Daily selected wholesome grain that spectacularly compliments any dish! 


Bread & Slather

A generous portion of the daily homemade bread and spread selection. 



#6 Nachos

A heaping plate of chips, black beans, melted cheese, salsa, sour cream and scallions. 

$5.25 / 8.25

Guacamole Scoop

Homemade with tortilla chips. Add salsa for $0.95. 


Bus Boy Special

Plate of the Happy Beans, Veggie, and Grain of Today.  


Veggie of Today

A portion of today’s freshest vegetable from the West Side Market.



Country Miso Soup

A savory broth with bean sprouts, scallions and tofu. *Supersize with Asian Greens and Soba Noodles for an xtra $2.25. (Gluten free without soba noodles)


Caribbean French Fries

Fried Plantains served with Pico de Gallo. 


Chips & Salsa

Heaping pile of chips with our delicious salsa! 


Vegan Nachos

A heaping plate of chips, black beans, salsa and scallions topped with a house made vegan cheese sauce.