All big plates served with grain, happy beans, veggie of today and bread & slather.

Bangkok BBQ Chicken

Four zesty chicken thighs seared over red hot coals, then quenched with sweet garlic sauce. To be eaten with the fingers. Absurdly delicious.  


Tuna Cancuna

Miso marinated tuna steak, grilled. A brilliant relish of Yucatan Slaw arrives alongside. Like the marriage of sunshine to the glimmering sea. 



Flank Steak, Gaucho Style

Choice marinated grilled beef topped with mushrooms served with a torrid smoked jalapeño dipping sauce. For closet cowboys and cowgirls. Aww Shucks. 



Jamaican Jerk Chicken

You don’t have to be one to try one! Four spicy, jerk-rubbed thighs ladled with mango salsa. Incendiary. Goes great with a Red Stripe…or two.