Special #1: Available 1st-20th

Thai Red Curry with Veggies and Rice:

Coconut milk infused with Red Curry stewed with Onions, Carrots, Red Peppers, Snow Peas, Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage. Served over rice.

Special #2: Available 14th-28th

Vegetable and Tofu Stir-fry

Take a break from that fried rice & indulge in this veggie filled tofu stir fry.  Loaded with broccoli, snow peas, carrots, bell peppers, & onions. This dish will be sure to fill you up. Sautéed in a ginger-garlic based soy sauce blend, it will be served with a large side rice to soak up all that yummy sauce.  Garnished with scallions. 

Special Margarita Flavors:

Strawberry Champagne

Mixed Berry

Grapefruit Mint


Feb 14, 2023:
Valentine’s Day!

You don’t need a date to fall in love with your food! Stop in to enjoy a romantic meal with yourself or a loved one!