Dear Fundraiser,
Looking for an easy way to collect money for a good cause?
Reserve a Monday in the name of your group at Johnny Mango. We will provide you with a flyer promoting your selected Monday. You copy and distribute the flyers encouraging family and friends to dine at Johnny Mango. Your organization will receive 20% of the food and beverage sales that have the flyer attached to the guest checks. Simple!
Contact us to reserve your Monday!
  • Dates must be requested at least three weeks in advance
  • Patrons mush have a flyer to have their sale counted in the total tally.
  • Organizations cannot distribute flyers on the premises of Johnny Mango.
  • Distributing flyers in this manner will result in the forfeiture of your organization’s entire donation.
  • If the organization fails to bring in a minimum of $250.00 in sales, the 20% donation will be made in the form of a Johnny Mango gift card.
  • sales do not count towards the total sales.